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Supernova 1994D in Galaxy NGC 4526, Hubble telescope

A supernova is a stellar explosion caused when the mass of a star's core exceeds the sustainable limit or when nuclear fusion produces more energy than the star can contain. The explosion emits massive amounts of energy. Supernovae are classified as cataclysmic variables, the majority of which are close binary systems. Supernovae show sudden, dramatic, and final magnitude increases of 20 magnitudes or more, compared to a regular nova, which typically brighten 7 to 16 magnitudes.

The data collected below comes from multiple sources and leverages the numbering convention utilized by the IAU Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams. I've compiled photos by searching the internet, and other sites such as the ASRAS, Astronomy Section, Rochester Academy of Science.

I'm cataloging these primarily as a personal education tool, and to begin tracking supernova I have photographed.

SN 2014J

SN 2014J in Messier 82, Messier 81 to the right. Taken Jan 29, 2014

SN 2014J is a type Ia supernova in Messier 82, and was discovered in mid-January 2014. It is the closest type-Ia supernova discovered in the past 42 years. The last supernova that was unambiguously closer to Earth than SN 2014J was SN 2004dj, which was of Type II-P supernova. This supernova occurred in the galaxy NGC 2403. Due to the brightneszs of this supernova, many automated search programs which search for supernovas actually ignored this one (assuming error). It was discovered accidentally during an undergraduate teaching session at University of London Observatory. I shot this on January 29th, two days before SN2014J stopped brightening, which reached its peak brightness at magnitude 10.5.

Recent Supernovae

Date SN Photo Host Galaxy
5/19/2014 2014bc 2014bc.jpg NGC4258
5/9/2014 2014bb 2014bb.jpg NGC5214
5/7/2014 2014ba 2014ba.jpg NGC 7410
4/30/2014 2014az 2014az.jpg NGC 7691
5/4/2014 2014ay 2014ay.png UGC 11037
5/3/2014 2014ax 2014ax.jpg UGC 10318
4/25/2014 2014aw 2014aw.jpg Anon.
4/19/2014 2014av 2014av.jpg UGC 4713
4/20/2014 2014au 100px Anon.
4/20/2014 2014at 100px NGC 7119
4/18/2014 2014as 100px NGC 5410
4/18/2014 2014ar 100px ESO 266-G15
4/14/2014 2014aq 100px Anon.
3/20/2014 2014ap 100px Anon.
4/17/2014 2014ao 100px NGC 2615
3/31/2014 2014an 100px Anon.
3/26/2014 2014am 100px Anon.
3/28/2014 2014al 100px Anon.
3/26/2014 2014ak 100px NGC 2446
3/24/2014 2014aj 100px UGC 3252
3/21/2014 2014ai 100px NGC 2832
3/12/2014 2014ah 100px MCG +02-30-44
3/11/2014 2014ag 100px MCG +07-34-101
2/7/2014 2014af 100px Anon.
3/3/2014 2014ae 100px MCG +12-11-15
3/12/2014 2014ad 100px Anon.
3/9/2014 2014ac 100px NGC 5837
3/9/2014 2014ab 100px Anon.
3/7/2014 2014aa 100px NGC 3861
3/6/2014 2014Z 100px ESO 114-G4
3/2/2014 2014Y 100px Anon.
3/1/2014 2014X 100px ESO 379-G31
1/25/2014 2014W 100px Anon.
2/21/2014 2014V 100px NGC 3905
2/23/2014 2014U 100px NGC 3859
2/22/2014 2014T 100px Anon.
2/21/2014 2014S 100px Anon.
2/8/2014 2014R 100px UGC 5055
1/29/2014 2014Q 100px Anon.
2/2/2014 2014P 100px ESO 264-G49
2/2/2014 2014O 100px ESO 263-G4
1/27/2014 2014N 100px ESO 246-G22
1/18/2014 2014M 100px Anon.
1/26/2014 2014L 100px NGC 4254
1/22/2014 2014K 100px Anon.
1/21/2014 2014J 100px NGC 3034
1/17/2014 2014I 100px Anon.
1/14/2014 2014H 100px Anon.
1/14/2014 2014G 100px NGC 3448
1/11/2014 2014F 100px NGC 6667
1/7/2014 2014E 100px UGC 7034
1/1/2014 2014D 100px UGC 7170
1/5/2014 2014C 2014C.jpg NGC 7331
1/2/2014 2014B 2014B.jpg NGC 4939
1/1/2014 2014A 2014A.jpg NGC 5054