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Disaster Recovery Planning

DR Website Program Design

Through my roles and responsibilities, I have compiled extensive experience in building an array of valuable tools and information which can be customized for any company's Disaster Recovery Plan. This work was especially important when leading call centers during my employment at both Cleartel and Comcast, where we had call centers located in areas exposed to hurricanes. Regardless of where your operations are located, emergencies, disasters, and disruptions can occur anywhere, at any time, and often without warning. My background offers a comprehensive set of resources designed to allow your business to get a full disaster recovery plan up and running in a short period of time.

My experience includes:

  • Design and Quick Deployment of Disaster Recovery Websites Which Allow Easy Collaboration
  • Over 200 pages of Disaster Recovery Content To Assist in Quick-Starting Any DR Plan
  • A Comprehensive Library of Documents Designed To Compliment Your Planning And Communications Strategy.
  • Ability to Deploy a Customized Communications Portal For Keeping Employees Informed

Sample Disaster Recovery Plan

Below is a collection of sections contained in a typical disaster recovery plan. These elements of a plan are best incorporated through a common platform such as a wiki for collaboration. This document is the Emergency Response Plan for the _________ company located at ________________, Atlanta, GA. It has been developed in compliance with the generally accepted practices in recovery planning.

This plan is in development phase only and is designed to help the company through a recovery effort of identified business functions. When completed, at the onset of an emergency condition, ___________ employees and resources will respond quickly to any condition, which could impact the company's ability to perform the critical functions. The procedures contained within have been designed to provide clear, concise, and essential directions to recover from varying degrees of interruption and disaster.

THIS PLAN IS NOT YET COMPLETE, and DOES NOT replace any current disaster recovery plans or processes in place today

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